Detector components tests and measurements

APD measurements for NOvA

APD (Avalanche Photo Diode) is a photodetector used by NOvA experiment to detect the scintillator light. It has 32 channels and works with gain of ~100. Operating temperature of NOvA APDs is -15 C.

APD voltage-current properties were measure using SM00 sourcemeter and compared with original Hamamatsu measurement.
  • APD, 32 channels
  • gain ~100
  • cooled to -15 C
  • measured in black box
  • Hamamatsu measurement (blue), FZU measurements (red, yellow) at different temperatures

SiPM measurements for DUNE

SiPM (Silicon photomultiplier) is used as a light detector for DUNE prototypes. First SiPM measurements at FZU compared with previous measurements made in Italy.
  • voltage-current
  • Italian measurement at 25C, FZU measurement at 22 C